Free novelette written for the M/M Romance group's "Hot Summer Days" event.

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Gregori's Ghost


  A legacy from a beloved grandfather, photographs of a shocking massacre hidden in the chaos and bloodshed of war, and Dr. Steven Russell is forced out of his self-indulgent life and into a race to save a stranger. Alexi Temchanko is a Ukrainian journalist investigating the old crime. Alexi and Steven have never met, but they are the grandsons of Charlie and Gregori, the American and Russian who smuggled photographs of the massacre out of the war zone in the closing days of WWII. Their grandfather’s ghosts cannot rest until justice is found for the victims of Katyn Forest. Steven and Alexi set out to save Charlie and Gregori, and Steven finds himself falling for Alexi’s barbed tongue and diamond-sharp mind. But how will he explain that he’s fallen in love with Gregori’s ghost?

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Virgin with Peaches

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Sweet Blue Love

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